Close More Deals, Faster

We make an all cash offer to back your client, meaning an UpEquity Offer is guaranteed to close on time, every time.

We’re What a Mortgage Broker Should Be

UpEquity is revolutionizing the mortgage industry by letting your clients make an offer that is better for them and better for you.

Win the Bidding War

In this market, there are multiple bids on most homes. Make your clients win more often by using UpEquity Offers. Cash offers are twice as likely to win.

Earn an Additional $500 on Every Deal

Since you submit a necessary and distinct all-cash offer on UpEquity’s behalf, we can pay you for that work! Earn an extra $500 (RESPA compliant) for each offer you get through option period.

Get Your Commission on Time, Every Time

We guarantee that your client will close on time, meaning you won’t have to wait to get your commission.

How it works

Making an UpEquity Offer is just like making a traditional offer, but with an ace in your pocket.

  • 1 Online application

    Buyers submit a 15-minute application to get backed by UpEquity. We'll ask for any additional documents we need and let them know if they're approved within three business days.

  • 2 Pick their next home Pick their home

    Choose any home, just like normal. Your clients can make an UpEquity Offer on any home that would accept a traditional financed offer.

  • 3 Make an UpEquity Offer Make an offer

    Make an UpEquity Offer on the home of their choice. An UpEquity Offer means their offer will be backed by our cash offer, which are twice as likely to be accepted as financed offers and can even command a 2-5% discount. You'll have to submit a (necessary and distinct) offer on our behalf, which is the only change from your normal process.

  • 4 Wait through the option period Wait for it...

    Once their offer is accepted, you'll have to wait through the normal option period, while their new home is inspected. In the meantime, we will get the home appraised and the title transfered. We'll be right there with you and with them.

  • 5 Close the deal! Close the deal!

    It's time to close on their new home. At this point, either their mortgage will be ready on time or they will need a bit longer. If they need more time, our UpEquity Offer kicks in, and you still get to close on time. They get six additional months to secure your mortgage from the comfort of their new home. It's better for them and better for you.

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